Custody question


My husband and I have been separated since February. I served him with civil summons action for child custody. It is now 50/50 during this separation period, but he has involved the other woman into the lives of our children. He is anti-law, anti-judge and has no money for a lawyer. If he is willing to change the existing custody arrangements that are in the separation agreement, can our attorney make it a court order? or do we have to go before a judge? It is in the best interest of the children for me to have custody and him to have visitation rights.


If you and your husband are in agreement to change the current custody provisions that are included in a separation agreement, then yes, it can be made into a court order.

You would need to file a friendly complaint and have the agreement written into a consent order that the judge would sign.


What is the current situation? In the case of child custody issues, lawyers take on an entirely different, more significant role. My friend as also stucked up under the same situation of his child custody. He searched for a lawyer on social media and other helpful sites and hired a lawyer(Bechara Tarabay) who provided him with comfort and compensation.