Changing judges

Good evening,
Okay here’s a brief outline of what I’m asking. I’m currently going threw a custody case and it went in front of the judge 2 weeks ago I didn’t agree to what the judge ordered for custody of my kids because I have real concern of how much time they spend with their father and the kids don’t want to go because of things that happen over there. The judge let my ex tell his side of the story but never gave me chance to say anything. The judge we have is very unfair, he doesn’t seem to care about important infomartion pretaining to the case and that really bothers me. I want a judge to be fair and pick the best interest of the kids. SInce all of this has happened my lawyer decided to quit my case. I do believe but can’t prove that something fishy is going on between his lawyer, my ex lawyer, and the judge. Can I possible change judges and if so how would I go about doing that since I represent myself? Please any advice.

Generally judges are assigned to family law cases for the duration. You’d likely need to show some bias to receive a reassignment.