How I get a judge to hear my case? The current jud

I don’t have any advise as to changing district and/or judges; however I do understand your frustration with the court system. You would think the judges presiding over any case would leave their personal bias outside the courtroom and deal with facts as they are required. But we know that is not the case. I experienced a similar situation; my attorney had tons of evidence supporting my claims against my ex and the judge still ruled in her favor. Go figure.

If you have an attorney, see if he can arrainge for your case to be heard on a day when that Judge is not presiding. Unfortunately, not all courts have more than one Judge, so you may be stuck. If you feel there is bias from this Judge, first get proof. Transcripts of the hearing are a good source. Go to )

I really, really need to know how I can get to change the judge or to move my case from District Court to Superior Court. On the first, I have, as plaintiff request a motion to be hear by another judge wich I believe is more reasonable with “men” since the judge who have the case, apologized to me for not been clear about the visitations, costing me that she set me up with the 50b last week and not even know where my children are or even be able to talk to them because she alienated them against me and I told that to this judge and he just settle for the evaluations and is not fair his attitude and allowed her to “kidnap my kids” and do nothing. Sometimes I get so desperate because is so painful to know how the “law” is pretecting a cheater, a scornful, a kidnaper and a liar!