Judge Decision

Just went threw a custody battle over my 3 girls. The judge ordered a bunch of extra time with my ex, which he got on the stand and lied about bunch of stuff. How do I change that being that I didn’t have a chance to be heard. Nothing my ex said was correct and now he’s been following me. My kids don’t want to go with him but I’ve explained to them they need to spend time with him just like spending time with me. What can I do legally to protect my children and their wishes? Any advice will help.

Why did you not testify? The judge will consider the wishes of the children, but isn’t bound by them.

The judge had made his decision on what the father said. I had filed a motion to have this case heard again because I don’t agree with what the judges decision was. Before this case was started I asked for another judge but was told that I didn’t need to do that. My girls don’t want to spend any extra time with their father, they do understand they have to visit him. Is there anyway the judge would read a letter writing by them writing in front of someone like principal or other figure or would they think that I sat them up to write it? The children would like to be heard since their father told them he was taking me to court to take them away from me. This is very stressful and dealing with me being stalked by him doesn’t make me feel any better. Any advice will be helpful.
Angela Hale