Is it normal?


Is it normal for a judge to not want to even speak to a child (12 years old) in a modification of visitation hearing? She spoke to her 2 years ago when she made her original decision. I’m wondering if this judge is being paid off. She wouldn’t even hear my modification of child support case because I didn’t word it properly on the paperwork. I wrote that he lied in the original hearing and I can prove it (thus the change in income). Are certain judges harder than others?


You may want to speak to an attorney about your pleadings to find out what was incorrect about your wording.

If you want to call a witness, that is your right, regardless of whether it is a child or an adult. I wish I could comment further as to the judge’s actions but without being there and hearing how the exchange occurred, it is difficult to determine why a judge acted in a particular manner.

And yes, all judges are different. They operate under the same laws, but the way they approach each issue can vary.