Appeal Child Custody

I went before the judge in Nov 2010 for child custody and I do not believe my attorney did anything for me. I want my case heard again. Can I appeal it or is there anything I can do to have his ruling overturned? I also have no signed papers yet either and it has been four months.

In order to change custody you will have to prove that there has been a substantial change in circumstances which affect the well being of the child since the ruling was made, or to appeal you must be able to assert that the judge made an error in the law in arriving at his/her decision.

What if my ex is a police officer and he told me he would use his badge to take the kids from me and my attorney told me that the judge I had favors police officers who support his election. I do not feel I had a fair trial due to the fact that I am not in law enforcement. I want a jury trial of people like me, not one man who can be bought.

Jury trials are not available in child custody cases.

I am not asking for a jury for child custody but a jury for the appeal to my trial for child custody. Is that the same thing? I do not believe his ruling was unbias.

That is the same thing.

Appeals are heard by the Appellate Court justices, not a jury.