Judges and Appeals

I have a question about appeals. I lost custody two years ago - I am the mother - I had no attorney, I could not afford one at the time and I lost horribly (especially since I was living with my then boyfriend - now my husband and this Judge HATES cohabitation)
Well, now we had, per the Judges request, a custody evaluation and psych evals. The custody evaluator couldn’t of been more for us. My eval was gleaming. The Judge had every reason in the world to change custody, but didn’t. He told my attny that our case is premature. The father will “hang himself” and they will eventually be returned to my custody, but just not now…any other Judge in the world would have switched. Can I appeal this? Is it fair that every piece of evidence we have, from psychologists, pointing that the children should be with their mother was not considered enough? I thought it was “in the best interest of the children”??
Thanks for any responses on what we can do. I have been told that our Judge is the problem, he does not like to admit he was wrong. I need to get around him another Judge would definately see things differently.
Thanks !