Custody Question


I was just served with divorce paper work from my ex’s lawyer and in it there is terms on the custody that I am unclear on. I did the research on custody in the state I live in but not as much in NC since I thought we agreed where to file. In the papers it is saying that she wants permanent and temporary custody. What does that mean? Also, she wants me to only have visitation in NC only and she is saying its because my daughter does not know me well enough, but every time I came to see her or after being gone for work even months at a time she knew who I am. What would be a good avenue of approach and how should I prepair to fight what she is saying so I can help me and my family have time with my daughter.


The claim for temporary custody is made to enable the court to have a short hearing, relatively early on in the case to establish as custody and visitation schedule that will be in effect until a permanent hearing can take place.

The first thing you need to do is to file a responsive pleading called an Answer, in which you will respond to the allegations in the Complaint, and a Counterclaim for Child Custody and Support. This document will need to be filed within 30 days of your being served with the lawsuit.
You will then need to begin preparing for the temporary hearing which should be scheduled within a month or so, depending on the county. I suggest you meet with a lawyer in that area to discuss your case in the immediate future.