Custody Questions NC

Hello. I have been a stay at home mom for most of the 12 years I was married. I left my husband and he is saying that he will take our 3 kids from me and get full custody. I need to know if thats possible? I have been there 100% for our children and stayed home with them in order to do so. He wanted me to quit my job and stay home. We are separated and Im looking for work and finishing up my Associates in general Education so I can Assistant teach in the local elementary school. He says me not working makes it so he can get full custody. Is that true? I am living with a man and we are planning on getting married and My X says that that entitles him to full custody. Is that true? The man I live with has a full time job and gets joint custody of his own two children and we hold a stable household. None of the children require child care and I am there for them everyday. Even after I work it will only be school hours and no summers. No one in my house is on drugs or destructfull in anyway at all. My X is not a bad guy but we split due to his past infidelities and always talking secretively and not spending any time with his family. Hes trying to paint himself to be amazing and the only reason he is doing this is so he can get out of child support. He didn’t care to spend time with the kids when we were together. He still lives in the marital home and claims that that also will grant his custody, is that true? I am a great mom and I dont see how he can take them from me but hes very manipulative and making me wonder. So to sum it up … me living with another man and not working until I find a suitable job and finish my degree … does this loose me custody?

Unless you have mistreated or harmed the children it is highly unlikely that your husband will be awarded full custody. Typically the courts attempt to give the children the opportunity to have both parents continue to care for them as much as possible. Your not working has nothing to do with your parenting ability. Unless the person you are living with is a danger to the children, that should not affect your ability to care for the children either.

Thank you for your response. I just wanted to make sure he could not get full custody or keep them from me. There is no abuse or mistreatment at all what so ever. So the most that could happen is joint custody, correct? If his work schedule is unstable and he works till 11:30 pm several nights and such would that effect the custody? Exactly where are you located?

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