Custody Rights of Stepparent

  1. I’ve never heard of visitation being awarded to step-families, but it may be a valid thing. I’m sure any visitation (if mutually agreed upon) can be put into an agreement.

  2. If he has no biological attachment and he never formally adopted the children, he shouldn’t owe child support. If he wants to give them money, it would be out of the sweet goodness of his heart. I think it is very commendable that he supported them all this time. Sounds like a loving and unselfish step-parent. [:)]

I am posting this for a friend, thankfully my own divorce has been settled!

He and his wife have been married for a few years, and lived together for five or so years prior to that. They have one child together, who is 4. She has two children from her previous marriage( ages 11 and 9). Their biological father hasn’t been involved in their lives in approximately eight years (emotionally or financially). Stepfather never formally adopted them, but has provided for them (as sole provider much of the time)and they consider him their father.

The questions are these:

  1. Can he request visitation for his stepchildren in his divorce along with his custody arrangement for his biological child? Is this awarded very often?
  2. Is there such thing as child support for stepchildren, were he to be awarded visitation? The mother has S40,000 in uncollected child support from the father back in California. I’m assuming two men can’t be assessed child support for the same child.