Dad not getting visitation

I have 5 kids and have been going through a difficult divorce for almost 2 years now. My stbx is constantly uprooting the kids from school, friends and activities. I have been fighting just to get my court ordered visitation for a year and a half. She keeps moving and it makes it very difficult to see the kids. I’m suppose to see them every other weekend and 1 day during the week. I haven’t seen them for a month now and have only gotten them half the time ordered. I know I can file contempt charges. Should I file them each time? Can I bundle the all together? Court is now 4 hours away because she moved and I moved to be closer to the kids and now she moved back to where court has been and left me here. Their are so many dates I haven’t gotten the kids. What are the punishments of her being in contempt and although she has temp primary custody, will her denying me visitation so much affect the outcome of permanent custody? Can I file for change of circumstances cause she uproots them so much? She’s done that 4 times in the past year. HELP!!

I would suggest you file a motion for contempt that consolidates all the visits she has denied, and moving forward, file another motion each time she refuses you your time with the children. I can not predict what sanctions the judge will impose in any case, but I do think her behavior could have an effect on custody overall, and that a motion for modification is appropriate.

Do you mean I have means to get the custody changed for her uprooting? And what consequences would she face when found in contempt of visitation?

You can file a motion for a change in custody based on the unstable environment she has provided for the children.

Sanctions for contempt will be up to the discretion of the judge.

I have joint custody of my son, he lives with me and goes to school in our community. His mom is trying to change his school and move him with her, what are my options. She has no room for him he sleeps on the floor she picked him up on Monday and I haven’t even been able to talk to him, what do I do to make sure I’m able to see my son. How do I stop her from changing him address and school? Please help I’m a great dat and father.


If you have a custody order in place and your ex is not following the order you can file a motion for contempt. Further, if you have joint custody of your son your ex cannot unilaterally remove the child from one school and enrol in another.

Can my ex change his addresss without my permission? We have joint custody but his mailing address is the same as mine.