Dating after Oct 1st

My ex and I have been separated since August. I have recently met a guy who I would like to start dating, but wanted to make sure that he cannot get sued (I believe the new law prevents that now). Also wanted to know what can happen (if anything) if you have overnights together without the child present? Would this affect custody? My ex has been openly having a relationship prior to Oct 1 (and has overnights when he has our daughter).

I’ve heard that dating does not affect custody as long as the person you’re dating is not harmful to your child. Is this right?

Just trying to get some reassurance.


The new law states that post separation behavior cannot be the basis of an alienation of affection or criminal conversation suit as of October 1, 2009.

Overnighting with a new romantic interest can become a factor in custody, as anything that could affect the children’s best interest can be considered. Unless the romantic interests is dangerous, or has a criminal record, it should not be a heavily considered factor.