Dating while Separated


Is it legal to date while separated and living in different households?


Dating is not illegal, however I always advise my clients against dating until a settlement is reached on all issues as it can act to escalate emotions.

Adultery is illegal (having sex with persons other than your spouse) and you can be liable for that up to the date you are actually divorced.


STBX has been charged with rape and kidnapping. If these are true, that would be considered adultrey. If adultrey is illegal what is the punishment for this crime?


Is this statement true:
If you were already separated, having sex with someone else is not illegal as of the new law passed on Oct 1, 2009 (house bill 1110)?


Adultery is still a crime, and boinkage with someone not your spouse prior to divorce is still adultery.

That being said, conduct that occurs post separation cannot be used on its own for AofA/CC suits.


Golfball is correct. The conduct is not actionable in a civil case if the parties were separated and it occurred after October 1, 2009.