Daughter Moving to Florida

My daughter will be 18 in December and wants to move to Florida to finish High School. She will graduate very late because of some Homeschool credit issues. She would like to move before graduatng because college is double if she isn’t a resident of Florida. She will be living with my sister and my mom. My question is can she still get her child support? I have had a volintary support aggreement since 1999. He owes $40,000.00 in arrears (I will ask about that in another post) and will fight paying past her 18th birthday even though he agreed to pay through college. My daughter may also get SSI disabilty once she turns 18. She will quailfy, but I’m not sure she wants too use that unless she has too. So to sum up will she be able to still recieve her CS in Florida and will she be able to get CS if she gets on SSI ?

Thank You

The duration of child support is based on the child’s age or status as it relates to school. Payment should be shifted to the new caretakers, and if he doesn’t pay them, they can go after him through child support enforcement for the obligation. SSI should not impact the child support obligation.