Daughter wants to live with Aunt/Grandparent


Currently my ex-wife and I have joint custody of our 16 yr old daughter with her having sol physical custoday. The mother no longer wants to keep our
daughter because she doesn’t follow the rules in the house. when my daughter is with me, I have to stay home from work. Right now, due to both household
circumstances, it doesn’t appear leaving in either household is best because of the disruption that occurs. Both of us are remarried. Ex-wife husband and been hitting our daughter. I love my daughter and right now it’s unfortunate that I will not let her live with me because of her behavior and not following the rules. I pay child support every month. Our daughter has requested to live with her Aunt/Grandparents and they are ok with her leaving there.

My Questions Are:

  1. how do I get the child support money to now go to the Aunt/Grandparent
  2. Will the court allow daughter to live with her Aunt/Grandparent. Daughter will be 17 this September
  3. How do I get the child support money to go the the Aunt/Grandparent
  4. Will the court make the mother pay back any child support money she kept
  5. Can ex-wife force my daughter to live with me/drop her off at my house or can she get in trouble for kicking her out of house?

Thanks in advance for any advice given.