Daycare, child support, unemployment

You may ask for a modification of child support based on the change in circumstances which are causing to incur work-related day care costs.
If your ex will be unemployed involuntarily the case will become a

In order to work I am putting my son in daycare part-time in the spring. However, daycare will cost about $50 less than what I make a month. I applied for the subsidy back in the summer, but there is a very long waiting list. My employer offers daycare reimbursement but only for full-time employees, and the university I attend has a small fund for daycare but it was gone by the beginning of last semester (I’m taking classes the days I don’t work, and online). My partner is paying the bills and groceries, and cannot afford to help with daycare as well.

My child’s father will be unemployed as of the end of the year. I ran the child support calculator and based on his last income, the daycare cost and $200/month child expenses (diapers and transportation to supervised visits) and he would be paying me $560 - nearly half his last income amount.

Can I ask for an increase based on daycare costs? And what happens if he is unemployed? What income amount is used if he doesn’t have a job?

Also, because I’m curious, can he be required to pay child support based on “voluntary” child expenses I incur? For example, I could work at night instead of during the day (I have been doing so, and my partner kept my son), and stop going to school, so daycare isn’t necessary (but I want my son to have the social and educational opportunities). What about preschool costs later? Could I be required to place my son in a state-subsidized preschool arrangement instead of, say, Montessori, if my son’s father cannot afford child support payments?