Child care cost in support worksheet


My ex-husband is attempting to alter our current child support order. I am not agreeing to this, and want to change the custody as well. He sent me a copy of the worksheet including his income and health care premium amounts he pays for our child. I do not work, so an assumed amount of full time at minimum wage has been used for my income. I also have a child from my new marriage. Since my income amount is an assumed amount, does the assumed amount for what I would have to pay for child care come into play as well? (If I were to work full time, I would need full time daycare for both children). Also would it be the total amount that I would pay to daycare, or just the amount for the child from the previous marriage?


Childcare costs in the child support worksheets is for work-related childcare costs, which are actual costs and not imputed (assumed) costs for the child that is the subject of the child support determination.

From what you’ve provided, it sounds like your income has been imputed, meaning an income that you could be capable of earning but not actually earning. Unless your voluntary unemployment is due to bad faith or a deliberate suppression of your income, then it is likely improper to impute minimum wage to you in the determination of child support.