HELP! Child care credit on Worksheet A

I’m not certain about the amount of child care. It may be that he can only include the amount for the child that is currently being modified. He should however be putting in that there are 5 children total that he is responsible for. This is probably going to cut down his portion of child support to you…

Thanks. Yes, I have calculated the 5 kids in. He has an existing order for the first two children as existing child support and I calculated in the credit he should get based on the two children in his existing marriage as responsibility for other children in which i counted his current wife’s income as well.

Wow…this is complicated to explain! I hope it makes sense.

Michelle Blackwood

My ex and I are getting ready to modify child support. We have 1 child together and he has 2 children by a previous marriage and 2 children with his current wife. So he has a total of 5 kids. In doing our modification he is claiming that he has child care expenses in the amount of 1500 per month. Which he probably does but that is for the 2 children he has with his current wife, not the daughter he has with me…
Can he claim child care expense for the 2 children living with him when we are modifying child support for the daughter he has with me?

My understanding was he could only claim childcare expenses for my daughter (which is none) when doing the worksheet to modify child support he pays for her.

Hope this isnt too complicated!