Error in Worksheet B calculation


What does someone do when they find a mistake in a recent child support
order (specifically in the worksheet)?

In my case we are using Worksheet B and the amount entered for Line “1B” (Minus responsibility for other children) is incorrect. There are 3
children I should get credit for, but the amount only reflects 1 child.

The child support order was signed 2 months ago and I am just now catching this. The worksheet actually came from the Judge’s office and says “(3)” next to the amount so I did not feel like I needed to double check it at the time - I assumed the judge would have selected the right figure from the “North Carolina Proposed Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations”, but she did not. The number seems to be off by several hundred dollars.


You may file a motion for relief from the order, or to amend the order.


Thank You…can this be done pro se without too much risk?


Any motion or action can be filed pro se, however I always recommend that folks at least consult with an attorney to ensure they have an understanding of the local rules, scheduling requirements, ect, which are all county specific.