Imputed Income


Good morning all,

My question is in regards to imputed income. My ex and I have a 16 year old. We have never been to court except to establish custody. There is no child support order, but I have been paying voluntarily her entire life. I will be paying child care in the amount of $1100 a month for my 2 year old (with my wife) when my wife starts working next month. My ex does not work, but goes to school a couple of days a week. Will the court impute at least a minimum wage, 40 hour week income for her? She has a bachelors degree and is working on another degree. She has no child care costs. Thank you in advance for any information.



The Court will impute income only if the Court finds that your ex-wife’s voluntary unemployment is a result of her bad faith or deliberate suppression of income.

If your ex-wife has historically not worked, the Court may not view her unemployment as bad faith on her party and would thus not impute income, even minimum wage income.