Imputing income for child support

I have a modification of Child support hearing on monday and and need to know if there is any other evidence I may need to have my Ex’s income imputed. My attorney is on vacation this week…

My Ex (she) has been unemployed since 2008 and lost her last job for refusing to work 40 hours a week, she also lost this job three days before she got married to a man with whom she seperated from 4 months later. She has been in school for 6 years for a two year degree. She is currently recieving unemployment somehow, but she also was licsenced in a professional field to which there are several (136 ad’s I found in the past 3 months) open positions available. I filed for this motion back in October 2009.

What other proof do I need to allow the court to impute her potienal wages at anything higher than minium wage?

I have the testimony where she testified in the previous hearing and made no mention of looking for employment.
I have proof that she hasn’t held a full time job in 5 years.
I have proof of her recent (a year ago Nursing certification)
I have proof of what the average wages are for someone in that profession (Bureau of labor,, etc)
I have proof about her school that it only offers a two year degree and a copy of her myspace/facebook stating she has been in school there since 2004

Also she has refused to provide us or the court with a affidavit of financial standing and our hearing is monday?

Please advise if there is any other info that I should gather?

What you have looks good, I can’t think of any other physical evidence that you will need.

Whew… Thank you!! Now if I can just relax and stop obsessing about it… I just like to have all my ducks in a row and be well prepared…

I wish you all the best!