Death of X-wife

I have been separated for two years and divorced for several months. A separation agreement is in effect that left her the house and her property and spelled out the property that I would get. She was also to pay certain bills that were in my name only but were never paid. Over a year ago I got a loan to pay these bills to protect my credit and was instructed not to sign the house over to her until she re-paid me the amount she owed. Due to her violent behavior I never retreived all of my property from the residence. She recently passed very suddenly and unexpecedly. What are my avenues to retreive the money and peoperty owed to me and to get the house signed over to her family? I still care deeply for her family and wish to make this as painless as possible.

You may make a claim against the estate as a creditor in order to be repaid what you are owed before signing the house over to her estate.