Debt Consolidation - Before or After Separation


Planning to separate very soon from wife of 16 yrs.
I’m maxed out of credit cards and need to seek debt consolidation.
Does it work in my favor to do it BEFORE or AFTER separating ?

I’m leaving a relationship where I’ve been emotionally / Mentally abused.
I love my wife, but despise the way she bullies me. I hate the way she controls our girls (13 & 7) and sleeps with them. She treats them as equals and confidants (best friends). She tells them everything about our marriage issues. I am poweless in my own home.
I can’t take it anymore.


The debt is martial in nature no matter what the title, however if any of this debt is titled in your wife’s name, I suggest you wait on the consolidation, at least until you meet with your divorce attorney.


Erin -

I hear you about all debts (regardless of my wife’s or mine) are Maritial Debt.
My wife has No Credit Cards in her name. All the Debt is mine (in my name).
Saying that.
Should I pursue debt consolidation before the Separation ?
Will that work in my favor as far as the amount I’ll have to pay in Alimony ?
I want to give my STBX what the law requires.
However, I know my STBX and she’ll do anything she can to present a victim’s plight, and her great need to as much money as possible from me.
Does a judge consider the amount of my debt when she/he considers the amount of alimony to be paid ?
Thank you for your time.


The amount of debt service the supporting spouse is paying is certainly a consideration in a determination of alimony as it affects the ability to pay. Since all of the debt is in your name, and you are in need of relief now there is no harm in moving forward with the consolidation. Be sure to keep all records of the debts as the existed prior to consolidation to ensure proper tracing in the event your stbx tries to argue the consolidation is a new loan.