Deduction from Income for suport


My husband X claims over 40,000 in deduction off the top of her income before the calculation. she is a realtor. What is the law has far as this. She claims her mercedes payment. Yes and I did say mercedes that we are paying for her to drive around in while my husband is driving a 91 toyota because that all we can afford after paying her. She makes more than him but not after all her deduction she usually brings her income down to 10,000-15,000.


Gross income is used for purposes of calculating support, that is income before any taxes are paid, or deductions factored in.


If you are concerned she is committing some kind of fraud you can send an anonymous report to the IRS.


what i think you folks fail to understand is that somebody who is genuinely self employed ( not saying this is the case here) has deductions that do not count towards income for child support. For example I am a landscaper I have to buy gas parts pay for maintenance on my equipment pay ppl who do work for me all sorts of stuff. insurance licenses. All that has to be paid before I get anything. so child support is based on gross profit not total gross revenue of the business. I can do a job for 100k get a check for 100k but if i figured the price wrong i make nothing or could lose money. so you have to account for that. i actually had a job where the customer found a loophole in the contract and i got a check for 15k. but the job cost me 30k to complete so i payed 15k out of my pocket for the guy to have his work.