Defamation of character and violation of court order

Can I sue an ex for defamation of character? They are repeatedly going around and even posting on social media they are a victim of domestic violence. There is evidence to the contrary. They are even getting free money because they claim they are a victim. We also have a statement in the court order stating we will not interfere in the others’ lives to include our families’ etc. The ex is trying to elicit information about kids with my new spouse and their medical health and then tells me they don’t speak ill of me or my family. It’s ruining my marriage and am facing a divorce if something is not done. My spouse will not tolerate our children being involved in the drama.

It’s possible that you could file a defamation lawsuit however, a contempt motion (motion and order to show cause) may be a better course of action if you can prove that your ex-spouse is interfering with your peaceful living (your court order may specify the type of prohibited interferences in each of your lives).