Definition of alcohol abuse?


I am concerned about custody for my 2 children, ages 10 & 8. My spouse drinks nightly - 6-9 beers- every night. Occassionally will drink only 4-5, and will skip a night of drinking a few times a year, but mostly consumes 6-9 every night. Does not miss work, no DUI’s, but is obviously not in a state to “parent” by the end of the evening.
I am concerned for the wellbeing of my children when we split.
How would this factor into custody?
How can I even prove this is what is occurring?


If you’re concerned about your children and exposure to your spouse’s drinking, you should begin gathering records of how much is spent through credit cards and bank statements. I’m sure that neighbors and friends can speak to the level of drinking.

This will factor into custody, especially if there is excessive consumption of alcohol around the children or if there is an inability to care for the children due to intoxication. Of course, driving will also be an issue. It may not be the only issue and the children will likely spend some amount of time with both parents, but a lesser amount with the spouse who has no control over their alcohol.