Delay of Divorce agreenebt

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Greetings. I started reading your post, but this appears like something that belongs on the emotional side of the forum. If there is a specific legal question, please let me know what that is. Thank you.

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My husband of 27 years left me 14 mths ago after I had a permanent partial disabling accident on my job 12-14-01. He was great the first 1 1/2 yrs. of workman’s comp, applying for SSI, dozens of painful tests, allergic reactions to over 20 medications and final acceptance of my permanent injury and inability to assume my management job or any job. I began suffering from anxiety that turned chronic then depression (which I had never suffered before.)
He left me in the middle of what was labeled “morbid depression” Christmas two years ago. We reconciled though he admitted depression and I was not well either. Fall of 2004, I helped him set up a business of his own (His background sales - mine in multiple retail location management and business agree. He had kept none of the promises he made when we reconciled. He began to be verbally abusive and I was in somewhat better mental state but still seeing a psychiatrist and on Wellbutrin and Klonepine. He told me that he was healthy and in other words I was broken down and could not do the things he could and he was not sure he could keep his marriage vows. We had ejoyed a good marriage and were very close until my accident - the fact I made good money didn’t hurt either.
After the separation, I have had to continue psychiatric treatment due to not only the stress of my injury but most of all the fact that just three months before leavig me, my husband gave me a beautiful anniversary card saying I was the most important thing in his life (and had treated me so.) This has shattered me and have not been able to go off meds. We have talked on and off about a separation agreement but he wanted me to do all of the work. I was stabilized somewhat emotionally and then about two months ago, he told me he wanted a separation agreement so he could date. I told him I would see my attorney and finish it up - I am against the separation and divorce. I gave him the date I had with my attorney who he had agreed could draw up the agreement. Then before my appointment, he went to an attorney and filed for divorce (only he filed on the wrong date - 20 days early.) I filed an answer to this with proof. Meanwhile I have become so emotional again and have constant thoughts of suicide. I have talked to the psych. and she is bringing me in two weeks instead of one month. I just cannot handle talking about splitting up our lives and am just not mentally able to handle this. I have already suffered from memory lapses, word searching, panic attacks, crying jags, etc. Now he is pressuring me to get an agreement for divorce done. (He did not realize that an “absolute divorce” filed before we had a claim filed meant that he could get a divorce without having to give me anything.) Now he thinks his divorce complaint might be dismissed and he would have to refile so he wants to divide things up. I have been so upset since he started this that I am crying again, my mds are not helping, I cannot think about anything else. I think about killing myself and other violent actions. My friends and family members are all worried about me and call every day. Bob left me in a huge house with nerve damage in my back and leg, I have dangerous reactions to any new medications and could really hurt myself in a fall, etc. He knows tat part of the time I cannot even drive myself to the doctor and have to get epidurals every three months and get put to sleep. I am not going to make it to any hearng and I am uncapable of finishing up aything with him. I can’t even deal with everyday life right now. I am going to ask my psychiatrist about the legalty of postponing all this until I am better. She may have t change my medications or i will go away for treament - I can’t stand this aymore. I need to know what I can do legally to stop the complaint hearing and my answer because I am incapable of getting any kind of settlement on record by then and I don’t know when it will be. Is this possible? Sorry I also ramble on and on and on. I used to be so organized. Also my attorney dropped me when he found but bob had filed a complaint because he said he could have done a separation agreement but had no time for litigation.