Mental & sexual abuse

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My husband left then came back for me to care for him when he crushed his foot in a fall @ work. After healing he left again. Then he fell upon financial diffuculty and moved back in again. I supported him making his mothers house pmt then she passed and I suported him through other diffuculties. We have been married 16 yrs, he is retired military we have 2 children and a house. I have always worked pt time when I could work. Due to his mil career and then 2nd job of who would work pt time was always me. He has been deceitful alllowing me to make decisions based on him being here and now again not and this has affected finances. When I was sick and diagnosed with COPD and was on anti depressants and sleeping pills he had sex while I was unaware of it. He has done this several times. I never pursue anything because if I do he says I will suffer the consequences.Currently I am in the house and he does pay it so far.He is always threatening consequences and the list is too long to go into of the mental duress and the way he has used me. My kids are suffering also due to the money factor and how they are used to living. He holds this on us. He knows I have lost 50% of my lung capacity and it is like he left and I will be with out help when I am disabled and he no longer pays support. I can not pay a lawyer and he refuses. He says no divorce is necessary so I can keep medical on me. But this does not seem to be to secure for my future I need help

debbie engle