Dependent spouse buying home

I am a dependent spouse. I have worked pt from home and my income is less than 5k a year. Is there any way I could qualify for a mortgage before a final order on child support and alimony? Husband wants to sell our home right away at low price and I do not think I should agree to this. I have nowhere to go. We have 2 young children so hopefully I will get child support and alimony. We have been married almost 11 years. How much alimony can I expect, if husband makes anywhere from125k - 190k a year, and will it change year to year depending on his commissions, bonuses, etc?

You can use our [url=]alimony calculator[url] and the child support calculator to see estimates about the amount of alimony and child support you may receive. You likely will not qualify for a new mortgage until you can show a mortgage company that you have the income on a regular basis (sometimes up to 2 years).