Dear Wesbet:

Greetings. First, you can look at the documents detailing divorce filing on our website or get a copy of the documents from the clerk of court’s office in your county of residence.

The problem you are about to run into is serving your spouse with a copy of the divorce complaint, which is mandatory. You may want to retain an attorney now, paying the well deserved costs for their services, and have them assist you with serving your ex spouse by publication. It would better for you to get the professional assitance now, instead of trying by yourself and then paying again when you cannot finalize the process. Best of luck!

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My husband and I got married on 5/2/94. He got into drugs really bad. We lived together for 9 months when on 2/14/95, he just took off on me. For over 9 years now I have not seen him or heard from him. I have no idea where he is or what he is doing.

We have no children. No property to divide or anything like that.

I want my divorce, now. I have waited long enough. I want to type my own divorce papers up and file them at the court house. They tell me it will cost me $50 to file them. I don’t figure the expense of paying an attorney is worth the money since we have “Nothing Together”. It should be very simple to get it after so long a time. After 9 years, is there another waiting period after I file?

Can anyone guide me with the exact wording or forms to use for a problem like this? I’m not sure if you call it desertion or what.

Thanks for the help.