Disagreement about pets

My wife and I have had discussions about separation and are more than likely headed in that direction now. We generally agree on all matters (currently) except what to do with our two dogs. I know that courts view dogs as property, yet it does not seem reasonable for our divorce case to make it to court with only this issue undecided. I would like for each of us to have one of the dogs (one dog is more mine, and one is more hers after all.) She is vehemently against this and does not want the dogs separated as they have grown up together. Sharing the dogs back and forth after divorce is not a viable option, as I would like to move out of the state at some point.

Is there any hope that mediation can resolve this issue? Will I be forced to give up both dogs to her? I also doubt that any judge wants to see this case enter his or her courtroom simply over the lingering issue of what to do about pets. (By the way, we do not have children).


I cannot predict what would happen in mediation, but if you owned your dog before marriage, and she hers before marriage, ultimately a court would rule you each retain your dog.

Thanks for the reply. We got the dogs together as a married couple during the second year of our marriage.

Ok, then they are marital property, and a court could order that both be distributed to one party, or that one dog goes to each. I can’t predict what a judge would do if it got that far.