Equitable Distribution

We suffered a very painful loss of our family pet to cancer. After a year of healing my sister found another puppy for my kids (we don’t have any kids in-common) She took two days off work to travel to another town round trip to see the puppy and retrieve him. She also drove a 4hr round trip to deliver the puppy to us at her expense. My children were elated! My ex
left without my knowledge while I away and stole the puppy as well. My children have been heart broken ever since and still don’t understand why he did what he did.
Question: I’ve requested the return of the puppy and the expense of flying her back to my state on my ex for our upcoming hearing. I was wondering if I could request an amount $$ for loss of companionship, emotion/mental loss on behalf of my kids?

Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately you won’t be able to get any monetary damages based on your ex taking the pet. In North Carolina, pets are treated as property when parties separate, just as a vehicle or tv or bank account is treated. If you want the pet back, you can commence an ED action and ask the court to award you possession of the animal. We have an article on our website that discusses this very issue: What happens to pets during divorce?