Discovery - bank statements 7-10 yrs old

My banks’ customer service tell me they only keep records for 5 years and nothing older than that exists. I have been told that if I subpoena the bank for the 7-10 year old records, they will produce them? Have you had success in obtaining 10 year old bank statements. I need these badly to demonstrate separate property?

If subpoena is an option, can I initiate a subpoena on my own, or must I use an attorney?

Thanks yet again,

I have personally not needed bank records dating that far back. If the bank is telling you that the records have been destroyed, a subpoena will not change that. However, if you believe they simply don’t wish to be burned with the task of getting archived records you may attempt to get them via subpoena. The clerk issues subpoena’s on behalf of pro se litigants.