Subpoening bank records - PLEASE ADVISE ASAP


My ex subpoened bank records from my mom’s bank account with no problem.

I have tried to subpoena my ex’s bank account statements (as I suspect she is hiding money), and the bank called and told me without a general statute listed on the subpoena, they could not release the info. The bank said the G.S. had something to do with privacy. (There was no G.S. listed on the subpoena of my mom’s bank records).

Can you tell me what this general statute is…or where can I find it (how to look for it)?

I am PER SE (cause I can no longer afford an attorney), and am filing these subpoenas myself.

Thanks for any and all info you can provide!


Subpoenas are covered under Rule 45 of the NC Rules of Civil Procedure. You may find it here:,_Rule_45.html

You can find the subpoena form here: