I was succesful in showing the Judge I was not properly served with discovery. The Judge allowed eEx’s lawyer to hand it to me in court and gave me 15 days to respond and told Ex’s lawyer that as long as I responded she would grant no further continuance to Ex.
In return, I (pro se) served Ex’s lawyer with my own discovery request within 48 hours of that hearing, giving them 30 days to respond.
My questions are :

  • if Ex’s lawyer trys to get an extension, would I have to be notified ?
  • How long after service does she have to request an extension (EG- 10 days after service…) ?
  • Can I object to an extension ?

Yes, you will have to be served with a motion and order to extend time to answer if the other attorney files one within 30 days of being served, these extensions are freely granted.