Divorce and adutery

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I am not sure I understand your original question but if I do here is an answer:

If you pursue a new relationship very early on you are opening yourself up to be question by your soon to be ex and the lawyers involved.

Here is an answer from Rosens web site:
Who can I live with once I separate?
Anyone. However, be aware of various issues that could arise. This question typically applies to a party who is living with someone of the opposite sex or of questionable character. Remember: you are still married and adultery is a crime in North Carolina. Therefore, if you move in with a member of the opposite sex soon after separation, you could open the door to suspicions of adultery. Furthermore, if you move not only yourself but also your children in with someone, your new roommate is now open to inspection because they will impact the children. Another issue could be if you allow someone to move into the marital residence and pay rent. This rental income could be considered divisible marital property. In the end, you will choose who you live with and where you live. Just be aware that the decisions you make after the separation are often as important as the decisions you make before the separation. If you are considering a new roommate and have questions about your situation, be sure to consult an attorney about the possible ramifications.

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How would the issue adultery change thee issue of divorce verus seperating 1 year before persuing a relationship?