Divorce and ED

What can or will happen if I file for divorce without doing an ED for my vehicle that is in both names? I can’t afford more money for an attorney than I have already paid for the child support case and my STBX is not cooperating at all with signing over the car to me. Can I handle the car title later? Is there a cheap way for me to handle this on my own? I don’t know what needs to be done to file an ED on my own.

If a decree of divorce is entered any marital property goes by title, in this case the car will remain jointly owned. You will need to include a claim for equitable distribution in your complaint for divorce.

I have the same situation. We have my car and our personal computer. Everything else has been divided already.

Is there a standard form to fill out for ED?

We have a sample complaint on our website as well as a divorce guide. If you combine these resources, you should be able to file a complaint that covers both equitable distribution and divorce.