Divorce and moving out of state

Spouse is getting ready to move out of state for new job, I wish to move as well but to another state, we don’t want to file for divorce in two separate states, can start the process with NC before moving?

So long as at least one of you has lived in NC for the six months preceding filing for absolute divorce, filing in NC will be proper.

your reply of; ONE of us needs to live in NC 6 months proceeding absolute divorce? so does that mean one of us must remain in NC 6 months prior to filing for absolute divorce?

If you want to file in North Carolina, at least one party must have lived here for six months before filing. If he has moved, and you want to file here, you need to stay here until you file. Otherwise you’ll have to look into the jurisdiction laws of the state(s) either of you have relocated to to see what the jurisdictional requirements are in those states.