Divorce and separation agreement and financial info

Hi, I was just served a summons and complaint for dissolution of marriage. My spouse filed the paperwork from Florida and I live in North Carolina. The paperwork seems very straight forward where both parties do not assume any of the others property, she is not asking for alimony and there are no children. In the answer, waiver, and request for final judgement of the dissolution of marriage, I am being asked to include a family law financial affidavit, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure form 12.902b or C. Is it a mandatory requirement to fill out this paperwork and submit my income information? Also, What happens if I do not answer the complaint? Would she be able to get a judgement for more? We have been living separate since 1998. Her in Florida and Me in North Carolina

Thank you in advance for your help,


I suggest you not ignore the notice, but, more importantly, you should consult with an attorney in FL.