Divorce Court Monday! What to expect!

I need a little of legal advice. My ex with and I went at this divorce and child custody thing alone with no lawyers and everything was going fine until yesterday. I filed for absolute divorce on Sept 3rd she was served and yesterday me and her went in together and she signed the Answer, Stipulations and Waiver form the clerk went and pulled the file to get a Judge to sign it and earlier in the month one day when she got mad at me she filed a complaint saying I was cheating and I got a loan from a friend and she didnt want to be responsible for it but I have been paying them back with no problems at all and in her complaint she told them I left her with no money and a bunch of BS, we have no property at all I left her with everything and walked away We both thought that we would do in she would sign and it would be over with but now we have to go to court this Monday. What should I expect? She also told me yesterday when we went to court that she would tell the judge we have worked out our differences on our own and to disregard the complaint she put in. We also filed for custody of the kids but we are in 100% agreement on things there we just have to go through the process of mediation and all for that.

If your divorce is entered by the court, and you do not have a claim pending for equitable distribution or spousal support, you lose your right to pursue these claims. It sounds like your wife filed these claims, and if there are still outstanding issues, you may want to file a counterclaim to preserve these issues from your end. If your wife is really going to tell the court to ignore her complaint, she will need to file a voluntary dismissal with prejudice. If she files the dismissal without prejudice, she will have the opportunity to file a new complaint for up to a year after she dismisses her claim.