Did I win or lose


You have the child and you pay her child support? Do you have joint custody?
Sounds like your attorney needs to work on communication. The attorney should be asking what you want and letting you know what her attorney says she wants. When you agree on E/D then both sign off. If you can’t agree then yes I think it goes back to court. I believe she is only free of marital debt if you have taken her name off of everything. My b/f’s ex’s name was still on the mortgage to their home but not on the deed, so he didn’t have to get it refinanced, he sold it and we got a house.


Actually her attorney thought the marital home(which myself and son lives)was worth $100,000 but it appraised at $60,000 and we owe $75,000, and her name is still on, it so what now. The court order states I have primary joint custody. Ireally feel like I’m getting screwed.


My wife left, I kept the child and all marital debt($40,000), she has paid nothing. I pay her child support(court order),we go to court(exis a no show) for E/D her attorney say theres nothing there to get from me but part of retirement, Judge comes out call our case first, the Attorneys say its been resolved and a date is set for it to be placed in a court order. So is my attorney suppose to send her a proposal? and if she doesn’t approve will it have to go bacl to court for a Judge to settle?