Whos intitled to what


Obviously you realize that you are going to have to have a lawyer involved in this beyond this website. Custody will have to be determined and then that will drive the whole issue of child support payments. The question of alimony, equity, and getting a share or not of retirement will depend on the conditions/reasons for separation and how your lawyer proceeds.


Your post makes no sense, If I remember correctly you have stated that you are paying support to your ex even though you have custody of the child. Haven’t you already sorted through all this in court?

Why the new post like you are starting from scratch???


OK’ currently I have temporary primary custody, I pay her child support, We have a court appointed Child Cusotdy Coordinator in which the coordinator has stated the child need to be with me, equitable distribution was suppose to be today but been rescheduled due to her attorney is sick, the debt out weigh the profit, home has no equity(alot of -equity), my attorney seems to think that I should maintain all marital debt so she want ask for alimony and she gets retirement. I live check check and a half meaning I make $3,000 every 2 weeks but bring home $800,let me break it down for you, $2200 goes to marital loans(no credit cards) we have together thats paid every 2 weeks, and the rest I have to pay the house, car,grocery, and gas( $80 a week),light bill, gas bill, cable,water bill. so I guess you can see why I’m so bitter with the legal system.


I hate to push the issue, and I do understand your frustration with the system, but it still doesn’t seem like you are sharing all the facts. You state you make $3M every 2 weeks; simple calculation brings that to $78M, not $50M.

As far as equitable distribution, my ex made more than I did, left me with all the martial debt and 3 kids. Much of the debt was for non-tangible items. (He was an alcoholic and drug abuser). Basically when it was done and over with we had a sheet of paper with my assets his assists, my debt his debt. Since I kept the house, I also kept the equity (assets). I ended up with a lot less than what I thought I should get up front. A small fraction of his 401K and half of his pension when he retires, which is actually worth a lot, but there are strings attached. The 401K has huge tax consequences to it if I liquidate and the pension only pays out if he doesn


Yes math was incorrect its about $62k a yr and actually there is no other equity,all bank loans. But what I’m saying if she made $62K and I made 21K and I had left her with the child and all debt, I would be made to pay her child support,alimony and any other fees they came up with and she probably would have full custody. and you know I’m right. I guess I’m just frustrated, but if I had the time to tell you the complete story you would shake your head and agree that Its not right.


Married 13 yrs, she left, I have the child (13yr), I pay all bills she left behind, I make $50,000, she makes $20,000, we been seperated 2 years, So my question is who pays child support, who gets alimony, who gets who retirement, whos responsible for the marital bedt and at what percentage, I need fact not opinion