Equitable Distribution


I have been seperated for 7 months now and still trying to figure out the equitable Distribution. I come up with a nuber a WHOLE lot less than she does. The equity in the home is 96,000. Which means 48k for each. Then you add in cars which hers is worth 24k according to kbb and mine is 11300. Which comes to a total of 72000 for her and 59300 for me. I have 18k in a 401k and she has 4k in a IRA. So I add those. Comes to 77300 to me and 76000 which mens I owe her around 2k. My question is is that the way a judge or attorney would calculate it? Everything else has been decided.

Thanks in Advance


If you’re able to work it out yourselves then you can split it whichever way you two decide. I’m not sure what a judge would do, but what you said sounds accurate.


doesnt look like we are going to be able to. she wants 50k. I dont see it. I offered 25k


Sounds to me like she wants you to buy her out of the equity in the house…48K which is what you estimate to be her 1/2 of the equity, plus the 2K difference…


Retirement is usually accounted for separately as it is not a present day value. Otherwise your method of calculating the division is how the court would do it.


forgot to mention that I was keeping the house…