Post Divorce Help

In 2005 I settled out of court and we divorced with an agreement which is now outdated. I agree to give up the house so long as she got my name off the mortgage via refinance. She has not and This has at times affected my credit negatively. We also had an agreement Out of court where I would pay $200 with split custody of 1 son me having him Tues Thurs and alternating weekends her having him MW and alternating weekends. When we made this agreement she was unemployed. I now have him all year with the exception of 1 week in the summer and a few weekends at random times of the year. She is now making a considerable amount of money more than i am. I stopped paying when she quit meeting her visitation obligation and he was with me the majority of the time and she started working.(about 2 years I paid) The child is now 12 soon to be 13 and I could actually use some assistance to help feed a up and coming teenager. She has a son prior and a daughter after my son and is still with the father of her daughter. He has a negative history(not that it matters too much since my son is with me nearly everyday.

My question is Should I seek out a Divorce attorney for unfinished business ? A family attorney? What kind advise can I find for these problems

Yes, I certainly think that you could benefit from a consultation with a family law attorney to discuss all the outstanding issues in your case. You need to work on enforcing the equitable distribution portion of your agreement, modifying the custody portion to reflect the actual custodial arrangement between the parties and modifying the child support obligation. Any one of these issues can be complicated, and coming up with a strategy to address all three at the same time is something an attorney should be able to assist you with.