Spouse won't talk about property and debts

I left almost a year ago. Spouse will not communicate with me on property settlement. I just want OUT, since I have spent $350 on lawyer consultation and not gotten a response from my spouse about property/debt division. He would not allow me to know the debts that he ran up. I do know they far outweigh assets. Maintaining a separate residence takes ALL of my paycheck. Should I just sign away ED and have a do it yourself divorce since I can’t afford more lawyer fees? The two separate lawyers want me to pay thousands in retainer so they can “go for ED,” but I don’t want to owe MORE and we would be lucky not to be upside down on the house. I’d like to keep my car and piddly retirement. Thanks for the forum and e-mails from the firm!

If the debts are listed in solely in his name you may want to proceed with the divorce. He may however, file a counterclaim for ED, and you will have to proceed with a division of the debts in court.