Divorce Decree


Yes I had emailed my husband’s attorney asking about a letter that was sent from there office stating the day of the divorce. The divorce date was OCT 18 2010. My question to them was how long after the day of the final divorce will I recieve the divorce decree, the replied about 7 days and it will becoming certified through mail. I have recently sent them two emails asking if they had any updated status on the paperwork cause I have not gotten the divorce decree. The last email I sent to them, I asked the orginal copy suppose to come to me or do I need to pay for a copy. I am needing the decree so that I can update my deer status and medical status, without the decree I can not update my ID card or medical. My ex is currently over in combat and has been there since June of this year. So is this something that I need to call the court house and ask about, or is this sent to me as stated through his attorney’s office about getting my copy of the divorce decree through certified mail. I am living in Fl and have been since Dec of last year. I have several times addressed his attorney’s office about an issue matter that he has not completly turned the life insurance policy over to me as he requested to do as of JAN 1 2010, they emailed me and said they forward my concerns to him and they have not heard back from him. Since I am now in Fl and consider a resident, do I have to have an attorney here to file a law suite on him in order to get him to turn the policy over as stated, he made the policy joint, but in the separation agreement which went into the divorce decree he made me the owner of that policy as Jan 1 2010. I had thought about emailing his commander about the problem, cause I am not working and I don’t have the funds to take him to court.


The attorney should mail you a copy of the decree, but you may also obtain one yourself at the courthouse.
If he is not following the agreement you will need to sue him in NC for breach of contract, and if your Separation Agreement has a provision for attorney’s fees, you may seek an order from the court requiring that he pay your attorney’s fees incurred as a result of the breach action.