Life Insurance Policy

My question is that as of Jan 1 2010 my ex-husband stated that I would be come the owner of this policy and make all payments as long as I wish to keep it. As of yet he hasn’t called the company and told them that I am the owner, the only thing he has told them is that I am the payor. I have emailed my attorney who was helping me in with the separation agreement, as the name she gave it was neogations between us and his attorney. He is the one who had the separation paperwork drew up and his attorney finalized all the agreement to be signed and notorized. Can I send a letter to his attorny stating that as of yet, he hasn’t turned over the policy? He tells me that since he is in the service and undergoing school that nothing could stop him, he is due to go to combat, not sure what date or month yet. All I want it what was agree between all of us and what was signed and notorized. For him this is a problem, stating that I wouldn’t have no control over his life, weather he is alive or dead. Should I notify this command about this matter? If filed a law suite how does one do it, do I go back to my attorney? I am not in NC and he is not in NC anymore, he pcs to texas and I moved to another state. I am just not sure which is the best plan of action to get a handle on this and get it settled. He can have the divorce papers drawn up on July 26th, which he will have to contact his attorney to draw the papers up, not sure if he will be gone to combat at that time, but he did mention to me that he would email her in June so she can start the paperwork and be ready when its due. How long does it take for a divorce to actually become final? Since we aren’t in the NC area will they mail it me, or what? Please respond with some advise on what is the best way to handle this problem.

If your ex is not complying with the terms of the signed agreement with respect to the insurance, you may file a breach of contract action and have the court order compliance.

As for the divorce, you will be mailed copies of all of the pleadings.