Info on Separation Agreement


I have an agreement that was signed and notorized on Dec 15 2009. My question is that my ex as of Jan 1 2010 gave wife the owner of and be responsible for making all premium payments on the that policy so long as I wish to maintain the policy. My question is that he has not informed the company USAA about me being the owner, he has told them that I was the payor so I can not view or see this policy.
Talking to my ex he seems to think that since the policy is in his name and as the insured party that he should have a right to know what I do with the policy, as far as making changes, and ect… and he should be notified about it and also have a say so. As he said he was adviced by USAA that he should allow them to do it jointly and not just me the owner, cause for me being the owner, I can do anything to the policy without his permission on knowing. The policy was taken out by him in 2005 and he is the owner and insurased person on that policy. So if I am correct with the agreement stating me the owner and his still the insurased, why would I need to go jointly with him on this? The attorneys who who both hired, if I am correct they will not answer questions in email since the case is closed until he files for the divorce or anything else. I know I can file a law suite, but trying not to do that. Don’t know if someone could read that page and tell me if he has that right or not. This was agreed by both attorney’s due to the lenght of marriage to one another and he removed me from his army isurance policy. I am trying to be nice about this, but for him he sees it blood money on his death and if I decided to increase the amount than its money I am making on his life. Is there someone who can assist with the reading or I can talk to about my rights to this and what needs to be done. Can I mail a letter to his attorney to actually state the meaning to this or fax it to them? Not sure if his attorney would respond to me, since that is his attorney.


If the agreement specifies that you are to become owner of the policy and your ex will not cooperate to effectuate the transfer your recourse is to for breach of contract to have the terms of the agreement enforced.