Divorce for adultery & abandonment


hello…I am in a between a rock & a hard place. I have been looking at filing for a divorce due to my wife cheating & also leaving the state. I have been looking at filing the divorce on my own due to limited funds. It is important that have the reasons listed on the paperwork due to a position I hold in church. What paperwork must I file in NC to obtain the divorce & show the reasons as well?


North Carolina is a no fault divorce state, and an action divorce can only be filed after you have been living separate and apart for one year and one day. There is a video in the video library on this site which gives a great overview on the absolute divorce process in North Carolina.

There are other issues you will need to address prior to filing for divorce if the two of you have acquired property during the marriage, or if you have an alimony claim. The rights to equitable distribution of marital property and alimony are lost if you do not have claims pending at the time of divorce (or a separation agreement dealing with these issues prior to entry of divorce_


The end of May was marked as our 1 year seperation date & we had no acquired property during the marriage. Also, I would not be entitled to alimony due to the difference in our incomes.

I watched the video that you referred me to. However, I am still unsure if I am able to state the reasons for the divorce on the paperwork or where I would do it. Please advise.



You do not need to state the reasons for divorce in the paperwork.