Divorce help, things out of control!

My STBX filed for a divorce will we were still living in the same house. Divorce paper were sent to my parents’ house (I was never served papers by the sheriff, the paper were given to my father). I told her that she file divorce paper using the wrong address and that she couldn’t just change my address. (1)Can she do this legally?

Her response, "Your address is about to change".  At that point, she left the home an file a exporta against me saying that I threaten her life, in which I didn't.  This was a cruel attempt to have me removed from the home, an it worked.  Upon going to court, she dropped the charges because she knew she was lying.  (2)Is this legal?  
Sad to say, we lost the home we were living in due to the economic.  Once the foreclosure process started, she moved out of the home and removed everything from the home and stated she was taking it all.  While they were moving thinking from the home I called the police because there were somethings that I wanted.  She told the police that she was putting everything in a safe place, storage.  Storage turned out NOT to be a safe place, once she got tired of paying storage she moved the things that she wanted and moved the things that she said that I could have back into the house so they could be taken during foreclosure, also note: the things that were moved back in the house were cut, beat and broken ($6K value). Basically she lied to an office so she could get her way!  (3) What can be done?  Lying to an officer is a crime, correct? She soon after obtained and apartment and moved the things she wanted into the apartment, however the apartment isn't big enough to hold all the furniture but I have no idea where it is?  I was told by my STBX that property had been settled and that her lawyer would be forwarding over the list.  That's been 9 months and I still haven't seen anything. I have a lawyer but he is not doing anything.

You need to file a claim for Equitable Distribution and present your side of the story to a judge in court. If your lawyer is not doing anything I suggest you fire him/her and retain a new one.

Can she fill for divorce while we are in the same house? Or can she forward divorce papers to my parents address is I wasn’t living there? We where still living in the same house!

Her filing was in appropriate and you should file an answer denying the allegations that you have been living separate and apart.